BRAZIL Kite Adventure 2018

Found yourself daydreaming about consistent winds, boardshorts weather and a hint of adventure this winter?   You are not the only one, luckily enough for a small group of KR kiters, their dreams turned into a reality spending 12 days exploring the windy, warm and beautiful Brazilian coast on the inaugural “Brazil Kite Adventure”. The … Continued

KR Snowkiting 2018

We had it all… the KR Snowkiting 2018 trip began with a little too much base snow to even climb onto the hill, enter Basil! A chainsaw, 2 shovels and a little Basil creativity and we had the perfect steps to exit the road and head up onto the hill, top work mate! By the … Continued

Aitutaki Winter Escapes 2018 – Take me back!

What more can you say? TAKE ME BACK! How can you even describe it? Imagine an island full of awesome nice and super friendly people, that has perfect warm tropical temperatures every day, and every inch of it looks like it should be on a postcard. That’s just the main island… Now, you jump on … Continued

KR Trivia Night & KFLA Charity Raffle 2018

WOW, a massive thankyou to the 103 people that made it along and supported what turned out to be a fantastic night. It was an awesome and fun energy throughout the room right from the get-go and it was an absolute pleasure to catch up with everyone and to see you all getting involved and … Continued

Inverloch Ride Day – KR CLUB – Feb 24th, 2018

Inverloch Ride Day – KR CLUB – Feb 24th, 2018   With a squally change due to come in around midday the ride day started off a bit later than usual while the wind swung around more cleanly and steady. It didnt take long for the warmer wetsuits to come out after the gusty cool … Continued

Sandy Point Camp – KR CLUB – Feb 13/14, 2018

Big airs, wild winds and massive progressions. WOW… that just about sums it up! 35’ish knots for 6 hours straight on Saturday was definitely a fiery way to kick things off. Heaps of questions and theory sorted out to start the day followed by every single small kite we had getting a very good workout … Continued

Inverloch Camp – KR CLUB – Dec 9th/10th 2017

The first camp of the 2017/18 summer season was a huge success, with everyone enjoying time on the water and progressing heaps (along with lots of fun and games in the campsite in the evening)!                       The wind didnt quite work for Inverloch with the … Continued

KR Snowkiting 2017

KR Snowkiting 2017 2017 turned out to be one of the best Australian snow years in a long time.  ‘The Blizzard of Oz’ (which dumped a meter of snow in the beginning of August) was followed by ‘The Blizzard of Oz 2.0’ (which produced almost another meter of snow near the end of August) and … Continued

Kite Republic visit Araura Primary School in Aitutaki

It’s always fantastic to visit the local Araura Primary School in Aitutaki during our Winter Escape Tours. The KR tour goers were super generous in bringing across heaps of educational, fun, and useful supplies for the local school on an awesome little island that shares so much culture, beauty, smiles and wind with us. A big … Continued

AITUTAKI TOURS 2017 – How was your winter?

Click photo for full TOUR 1 Album It was the middle of the freezing Melbourne winter. As we went about our everyday lives in hoodies, thermos, snow jackets and more often than not umbrellas we were secretly counting down the days until we got to see sunshine, warm winds over even warmer water, an abundance … Continued