BRAZIL Kite Adventure 2018

Found yourself daydreaming about consistent winds, boardshorts weather and a hint of adventure this winter?


You are not the only one, luckily enough for a small group of KR kiters, their dreams turned into a reality spending 12 days exploring the windy, warm and beautiful Brazilian coast on the inaugural “Brazil Kite Adventure”. The small group of six consisting of Cesar, Carlos, Mila, Kostas, Gonzalo and Hernan set out to test the waters and to pave the way for this new addition to the Kite Republic Winter Escapes.

Being the first time KR has made the trip to Brazil as a group there was an element of the unknown making this an exciting trip to be involved in. The element of adventure is a big part of the concept; exploring the rugged coast, daily down-winders and kiting new and incredibly beautiful locations every day.

The consistent 20-25 knot winds at this time of year in Brazil ensure plenty of the time on the water, resulting in hungry and exhausted kiters at the end of each day. Fueled by a delicious selection of fresh Brazilian fruits for breakfast, tasty South American dishes for dinner and a caipirinha or two.. or three… or four…. in the evening ensured everyone had a full stomach and a mild headache for the next day of exploring.

Over the 12 days, the team covered over 300km’s of the coast finding some pretty unique and incredible kite spots from flat lagoons to mangrove forests, to seasonal ponds hiding within the sand dunes. These dunes are filled by rain for only a few months of the year before they dry up until the next rainy season. The sand desserts are everchanging, dunes move and find yourself kiting in a spot that likely has never been kited or ever will.

The team had a blast kiting, exploring the small fishing villages along the way and enjoying each others company.

Check the full photo album here.

Coming in 2019 is next chapter of our South American adventure, we hear it is the perfect remedy for constant daydreaming and in reducing the onset of the winter blues. For more information and for next years dates adventure visit the 2019 page here.

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