Aitutaki Winter Escapes 2018 – Take me back!

What more can you say? TAKE ME BACK!

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How can you even describe it? Imagine an island full of awesome nice and super friendly people, that has perfect warm tropical temperatures every day, and every inch of it looks like it should be on a postcard. That’s just the main island…

Now, you jump on the morning boat with the rest of the awesome and excited tour goers and head into the crystal clear lagoon for a 5-10 minute morning boat ride while you sip coconut water that the lady at the market just hacked open for you. As you begin to arrive you see the near kilometre long perfect white sandbar that provides you butter flat water no matter which way the wind blows. For ages in each direction you see the waist deep flat water that will become your kiting paradise for the next 10 days. At the end of the sandbar you see the small clump of coconut trees that our shelter, kitchen, BBQ, esky (Sorry kiwi’s… Chilly Bin for you) and all important hammocks in the shade reside within.

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The next 10 days provide you with the perfect combination of clinics, free riding, on water help/motivation/instruction and awesome energy from everyone on tour who also want to push themselves and progress. The odd no wind days provide the perfect opportunity to swim with the local Humpback Whales, to pull up at one of the many beautiful islands and wakeboard off the front while everyone else relaxes, plays on the beach, chills out in the water with a few Heineken’s, swim around with the 1-2m Giant Trevally that frequent the area or snorkel among the beautiful coral.

The ‘days’ usually wrap up with a beer or two back at the lodge, the stories tend to get better with age and the atmosphere is always awesome as the sun sets over the amazing lagoon. A shower, some music and a chillax tend to be the perfect combo before we head out to dinner for some of the freshest seafood, or your preferred choice of course that you will have had for a day. When a standard fish and chips comes out with the daily caught gamefish you know you’re onto a winner…

The pool table at the fishing club, make shift dance floor at the golf club, karaoke sessions at the Boatshed or one of a few other places were always ON for a un evening. Of course the tour group themselves was always entertaining, you combine them with the awesome locals and travellers coming through Aitutaki and it was incredibly entertaining to say the least.

The fire twirlers and local dance crews at Island Night were something that must definitely be seen, while the golf course is one of the funniest experiences you’re likely to see, just make sure you duck when the planes come through to land, it’s debatable the views could get any better upon the summit of Maunga Pu over the ocean at sunset.

2018 definitely provided some awesome personalities and group dynamics throughout. Day in and day out there was so much going on and so many entertaining stories to hear and be a part of.



The Award Night evenings were entertaining as always, this years prizes went to…


Tour 1:

King of Aitutaki – Steve James

Queen of Aitutaki – Keryn Reynolds

Hangtime Hero – Dylan Cowan

Cannonball – Matt Wilson

Alter Ego – Pepe Lopez – Chris Lee

Best on Ground/Loose Unit – Aidan Brooksby



Tour 2:

Fairytale King & Queen –

 Congratulations on your engagement Corey & Bec

King of Aitutaki – Chris Tucker

Queen of Aitutaki – Suellen Delahunt

Hangtime Hero – Corey Ricketts

Soapy Mouth – Barry Drew (Just from Suellen đŸ˜‰

The Rock – Leon Ford

The Unit – Jon Shakes


Balls Out – Lindsey Gardner

Inappropriate Karaoke – Shevy Hanson

Legend on Tour – Anthony Hearn


A massive thankyou to the Wet’n’Wild Crew. You guys were awesome!

And a huge thankyou to Nick & Carlos for joining me in paradise this year and for being an awesome help throughout.

Fun times, bring on 2019!