KR Kite Lesson Update

As you know the past 18-24 months have been very difficult on the lessons front due to the Covid restrictions preventing not only the actual lessons, but also further instructor training, as well as our ‘internationally based’ profession seeing the exodus of most instructors back to their native countries. We are in the process of … Continued

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Ocean Grove Ride Day – KR Club – Oct 20th, 2018

Had an awesome day down the beach in Ocean Grove the other day. The rain stopped just as we rocked up to the spot. After a quick rundown of the spot, we played a few rounds of shit heads while waiting for the wind to fill in. Every was rigged and ready to ride when … Continued

KR Club Phillip Island January Camp Weekend

How often to you get to spend all day kiting, learn plenty of new skills along the way, hang out and get to know a great group of people before feasting on chef prepared burritos (cooked under a Kombi may I add) and enjoying a campfire, some pool, some giant Jenga, kubb, and plenty of … Continued

KR Best Photo Competition 2017 – Win a Ripcurl Search GPS Watch

Join the “KR Best Photo Competition 2017 – WIN A Ripcurl Search GPS Watch!”. With an awesome bunch of assorted kite/sup photos involved last year it was great fun to see the lead swings and battles throughout the leaderboard. 2016 saw Nathan Bridges (kite) taking top prize from Steve Armstrong (SUP) with Stephen Brayshaw (kite) rounding … Continued

Rye Ride Day – KR CLUB – Apr 8, 2017

Rye Ride Day – KR CLUB – Apr 8, 2017 After postponed ride days in March and the wind not working in our favour lately, everyone was buzzing and full of excitement with the prospect of being able get out on the water with the KRew on Saturday 8th April.  Daylight savings prompted an early start … Continued

Sandy Point Camp – KR CLUB – Feb 18/19, 2017

Another super fun camp weekend with an awesome mix of members and a fun mix of kiting, clinics, games and entertaining moments. Sandy Point didn’t exactly turn on the 30 degrees that we were all hoping for, however between the fleeting rain showers that came through for 5-10 minutes every hour on Saturday we were … Continued

KR Best Photo Competition 2016 – WIN A GoPro!

Join the “KR Best Photo Competition 2016 – WIN A GoPro!”. With over 100 entries in 2015 it was a hotly contested competition with Benny Fink taking line honours with over 250 votes, while Berenice Diveu was right on his tail with just under 200 and Zac Pullen taking a solid 3rd with just under … Continued

Ocean Grove Ride Day – KR CLUB – April 16th

What an awesome weekend, The KR Club jetted off on a booked out Ride Day to Ocean Grove for a day of wind, sun and goodness. The conditions look perfect for the west side of the bay, We did a meet and greet, carpooled and headed off to make the most of the conditions! Ocean … Continued

Altona Ride Day – KR CLUB – March 19

Epic forecasts with great wind and tides expected looked a little shaky early on as the Westerly winds were a little too prominent. Soon enough however it straightened up and with just enough time for everyone to maximise their clinic time at the start of the day it was time to put it all into … Continued