Ocean Grove Ride Day – KR Club – Oct 20th, 2018

Had an awesome day down the beach in Ocean Grove the other day. The rain stopped just as we rocked up to the spot. After a quick rundown of the spot, we played a few rounds of shit heads while waiting for the wind to fill in. Every was rigged and ready to ride when the wind hit later.
The wind was on and nuking for the rest of the day. Thor and Nick ran some clinics on load and pop jumps and transitions. Everyone was slaying it out on the water. Cameron was lit on his 13 and landed his first front roll! Barry had a fun foil session on a small kite. Ari had a nice experience with some death loops 😂. Andrew had a nice refresher day, working on water starts and some nice rides. Saul landed his first jump! Anthony, enthusiastic as always, worked on some jumps. Monica was rocking it out on a 9m ripping left and right and carving out the back!
A great day was had by all!