Rye Ride Day – KR CLUB – Apr 8, 2017

Rye Ride Day – KR CLUB – Apr 8, 2017

Rye Ride Day – KR CLUB – Apr 8, 2017


After postponed ride days in March and the wind not working in our favour lately, everyone was buzzing and full of excitement with the prospect of being able get out on the water with the KRew on Saturday 8th April.  Daylight savings prompted an early start to the day but all the club members that were previously suffering wind withdrawals were on site pumped and ready to go, faces glowing with anticipation as they could see the white caps rolling in out the back and the trees swaying in a mesmerising dance, busting to get out and kite.

What a day of progression was had, and so many people claiming ‘best day kiting ever’, it was really rewarding to see everyone willing to push themselves in such high spirits.

The wind worked out perfectly, a good breeze in the morning that allowed everyone to be out on their preferred kite, a slight drop in wind around lunchtime to remind everyone of their hunger, and a good burst of wind after lunch before an exciting lightning storm rolled in signalling an end to the day once everyone was spent.

Some standout progression through the day, including longest continuous rides yet, riding the other way for the first time, seasoned club members finally ‘getting it’ and being able to hold there ground and not have to do the walk of shame anymore (and even go straight to riding upwind!), first attempts at some more advanced manoeuvres such as grabs and backrolls, and some attempting difficult tricks for the first time and even being able to comfortably land them consistently by the afternoon.

Thanks to the club members for having such a high level of stoke and enjoyment, and to the KRew for their amazing assistance and setting goals for people to achieve out on the water.  Pictures of the ride day can be viewed here.  Make sure you tag yourself and your friends in the pictures!


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