KR Club Phillip Island January Camp Weekend

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How often to you get to spend all day kiting, learn plenty of new skills along the way, hang out and get to know a great group of people before feasting on chef prepared burritos (cooked under a Kombi may I add) and enjoying a campfire, some pool, some giant Jenga, kubb, and plenty of laughs until you’re so done you just want to have a nap?

Not enough I’d say.

It was another super fun weekend away with an awesome group of people for the Phillip Island January Camp Weekend.

Saturday provided plenty of wind and each and every kiter managed to kite and progress to their hearts content. Sunday was larger kiteweather. Still enough to be plenty of fun, but harder without an epic light wind kite like the Juice!

Huge thankyou to Richard and Kathy for their hospitality and amazing venue. To Chef Nick & his team, a massive thankyou. To Nick, Thor, Brandie & Vicky, thankyou very much for helping out and giving such great on water support to everyone.

Plenty of awesome KR Club activities still ahead this season. CLICK HERE for the event list!

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