Smik – StoKR Breeze (PVC/Carbon)

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Smik – StoKR Breeze (PVC/Carbon)

Size: 5’10” x 19.5” 70L | 6’0” x 19.5” 85L


Introducing the Breeze: a cutting-edge board blending 70% Wing and 30% Prone influences, tailored for riders seeking a seamless, exhilarating and efficient experience on the water. Engineered to elevate your ride, carve smooth turns, and conquer bumps with unparalleled agility, the Breeze ensures you’re up and on foil earlier and carving with style. Crafted with precision and drawing inspiration from Smik Downwinder DNA, the Breeze delivers hyper-efficiency and a sleek nose shape. Its top-tier construction and meticulous attention to detail guarantee not only exceptional performance but also turning heads wherever you go, getting you on and off the water swiftly whether you’re winging or chasing down prone bumps.

For avid wingers who relish chasing bumps, pondering a Downwind style board without exceeding the 7-foot mark, and striving to optimize efficiency while reducing foil sizes, the Breeze is the ultimate solution. Bid farewell to nerve-wracking touch downs and embrace effortless glances on any touchdowns. For wing aficionados, the Breeze offers a comfortable knee start and seamlessly integrates into most wing quivers, proving invaluable on smaller prone sessions or during solid downwind prone conditions.


The other area where SMIK really stand apart. The stiffness that comes from full PVC wrap combined with carbon is unparalleled in terms of stiffness to weight ratio.  Super light for pumping up onto foil and then the stiffness when your pushing your weight down through the board. Incredible value for these exceptionally well build boards.


Double Y front insert and single rear (3 adjustments)

Deck Pad:

Included. Vertical Cord Style.


Long 35cm boxes positioned to allow balanced board and maximum range of foil usage.

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