SMIK Downwind (PVC/Carbon) Foil Board

$2,100.00 inc GST


Smik Downwind (PVC/Carbon)

Downwind Foiling SUP  Performance Specialist.

Ultimate efficiency in generating release from the water and control when on foil. Semi displacement chined /double concave nose allows the sink/ cork action but still maintains a long flat for aiding lift/ and frictionless touchdowns.

Narrow under waterline allows the corking take-off to come into effect but maintains balance with the area in the deck above the waterline.

In terms of lines, there’s nothing that looks this sleek, with performance to match its looks.

SIZES:  6’9 x 21 @113L;  6’10 x 22 @120L;  7’1 x 23 @130L;  7’3 x 24 @141L.