Amos Phantom – Downwind SUP Foil Board

$2,550.00 inc GST


Amos Shapes Phantom – Downwind SUP Foil Board


The Phantom, our downwind SUP foil board, was a collaboration with team rider Zane Westwood. Months of R and D between rider and shaper has gone into creating this dedicated downwind SUP that is well-balanced, functional and well tested.

During our research in building of this downwind SUP foil board it became apparent that we needed to include 16” tracks to allow the rider to interchange between different foil brands and wing sizes. We have three sizes in stock dimensions to suit your level of riding and also offer a custom option for you to choose the length and volume that will work for you. The super lightweight construction of this board provides effortless paddling to get you gliding with maximum efficiency.

These boards are designed and built in Australia to be the lightest, highest quality board out there.

This board features:

  • 16” tracks
  • Single hull nose design to flat midsection for stability
  • Sharply bevelled tail for increased water flow
  • Slightly concave deck
  • Carbon vacuum bag construction
  • Six-piece lightweight Foil Tec traction
  • Air vent
  • Leash plug

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