6HR PASSPORT TO WING Private Wing Foil Lesson Course

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This is a 6-hour Private Lesson Course (or semi-private if you bring a friend) normally broken into 3 x 2-hour lesson blocks (flexible though). We will 100% work with any level of rider to help you progress from where you’re already up to.

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6 Hour PASSPORT TO WING Private Wing Foil Lesson Course in St Kilda

This 6 hour Private Wing Foil Lesson Course in St Kilda is the ultimate way to help you step things up and reaching independence in your new addiction. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or already Wing’ing it with the best of them this lesson course will help you maximize your time on the water.

If you are a complete beginner, you can expect to have a fantastic experience based learning environment right from the start. We’re not here to give you monologues, we’re here to let you safely experience the excitement of wing foiling and to help you reach a safe and independent riding levels so you can start dreaming of what you’ll be doing whenever the wind is blowing!

  • During the first lesson you can expect to learn and spend lots of time practicing wing skills, you will also very importantly learn the specific safety awareness points that will leave you with the ability to safely practice and build the rest of your skills to reach ultimate independence. The foil (under the board) will not be introduced during your first session as this will halt the learning development at this stage. The goal is to have you confidently manoeuvring the wing and larger board on your knees and possibly beginning to stand and harness the wind late in the session if you have a strong water/wind background.
  • Lesson 2 will see your skill devepment and confidence grow as you begin to move towards independence of movement on the larger board both on your knees and feet. At this stage (whether it happens in session 2 or 3) we will introduce a large beginner friendly foil setup to begin skill work in this space.
  • Lesson 3 we aim to have you ‘taxiing’ confidently (riding board in desired direction both up and downwind on both knees and standing) as well as building your confidence and getting your first ridiculously addictive glides on the foil. From this point you will have learnt all of the basics and be at a point to confidently practice on your own or to enjoy further accelerated progression to intermediate riding through reduced price post course lessons.

Your next step from here (and after your first lesson) is to get involved in some of the KR Club activities for epic FUN, PROGRESSION & FRIENDSHIPS.

For further understanding have a look at the image below to understand the full learning pathway in line with the International Wingfoiling Organization Standards.

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