KR CLUB Altona Ride Day – January 11th

KR CLUB Altona Ride Day – January 11th

KR CLUB Altona Ride Day – January 11th

Altona Ride Day

Not sure if the Melbourne kiteboarding conditions could have turned it on any more for the 20 or so lucky KR CLUB goers that spent more than 6 hours on the water on Sunday.

When we arrived at 9:15ish it was already over the 15 knot mark and with the exception of about 45 minutes just around lunchtime it sat perfectly in the 15-20 knot range all day. It seemed most of the Melbourne kiteboarding crew were at Altona and the skies were filled with color as the kites lit up the area.

Along with outstanding conditions, the great crew that were on board saw some fantastic improvements and progressions out there.

Some of these awesome progressions included:

Altona KiteboardingLiam – first backrolls and confidence on the water was outstanding!

Keir M – toeside action and first jumps, very nice!

Luuk – ripping the toeside riding and holding ground well.

Andy W – tidying those jumps and gaining timing and height!

Ben – some great toeside runs and logging some serious hours out there!

Nathan – some much better unhooked control (& some awesome wipeouts), looked great out there and firing around!

Sven – Some great toeside starts, jumps taking shape and fun out the back in the waves.

Altona KiteboardingMarcos – Super big gains in riding, holding ground well and ready to spice it up now!

Dave B – some great jumps off the waves and fun sessions in the rollers.

Gabby – Great to see you looking confident out there and getting some great runs in.

Simone – Super fun rides and great to see the confidence growing.

Kerrie – So glad you made it back out, looked like a totally new rider after those first few runs. Top stuff!

Jo-Leigh – Looked like a lot of fun out there. Great to see the rides getting better and better each session!

Mick S – Great work out there, some great runs, great stacks, and overall great results!

Pat F – Some good clean runs out there. Concepts look good, now time to throw in some more dry turns!

Cheryl – You go girl… love seeing that massive smile as you’re cruising along the top of the water! Keep it up.

Altona KiteboardingJordan & Anthony – Some great rides, some classic wipeouts and one hell of a sunburn gentlemen… oops!

Bernhard – Great work on some really nice runs mate.

Reine – Very nice starts, some great pics and starting to put it together really nicely. Top stuff!

Thankyou very much to the awesome team that joined me out there… Glenn, Gemma and Craig you guys were awesome!

Looking forward to a fun camp weekend coming up, to the upcoming KR FREE Safety Clinic on February 1st, and KR CLUB Social Night on Tuesday, February 3rd.