Aaron Hadlow 5x World Champion joins KR in St Kilda

Aaron Hadlow 5x World Champion joins KR in St Kilda
Aaron Hadlow in Melbourne
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Aaron Hadlow 5x World Champion joins KR in St Kilda

The winds didn’t play nice, the skies were grey, and the rain decided to lightly join us a couple of times… but that most definitely didn’t stop the 60 or so strong crowd of local kiters that came along to meet the most successful kiterboarder of all time and North Kiteboarding Team Rider, Aaron Hadlow.

As we surrounded the Kite Republic school setup, and often took refuge under the tent, it would have been very easy to call it an evening and retire inside. In most cases I’m sure this would have been the case, however it appeared obvious to everyone during the hour or so long chat and question time with Aaron, that he’s not only an incredible athlete, but he has an unimaginable wealth of knowledge in regards to most topics in the kiteboarding realm.

Aaron Hadlow & Pierre in St Kilda
Pierre & Aaron (click for full album)

Aaron touched on areas of equipment design, where the freestyle side of the sport is going, and was incredibly open and professional with respect to his views on areas such as where the sport is going, how young athletes can step it up, as well as questions such as when is a good time to progress to boots, C-kites? Pro’s and cons etc.

The feedback from our evening with Aaron was outstanding and everyone was very impressed with his openness and ability to relate to all different levels of kiteboarders. We’re all very much looking forward to following you on tour in 2015.

Thankyou Aaron Hadlow and North Kiteboarding for making the effort to join us in Melbourne, it was a great evening and we look forward to welcoming you back on a windy evening one of these days.