Inverloch Surf Social Weekend – Sup Vic – April 16th/17th

Inverloch Surf Social Weekend – Sup Vic – April 16th/17th

Sup Vic held it’s 7th annual surf weekend April 16th/17th.

Formerly a social competition, the event has now morphed into more of a casual surf getaway weekend with the emphasis on surf wherever, whenever.

2The weekend kicked off early for the KRew, who spent Thursday arvo dutifully packing the KR Mule. Friday morning was spent at Phillip Island surfing clean waves at YCW and the chance for a few of the KR ambassadors to demo a range of boards. Quite amazing that 4 boards that only vary in length by 6 inches can all feel so different. A 2hr session in the sunshine, then off for a feed at San Remo.

Friday afternoon saw a bop session at the Anderson Inlet mouth on the in-coming tide and a chance to unleash the wave-riding prowess of the 12’6” Naish Javelin and the DC Surf Race. The GPS tracks show waves being ridden between 300m – 400m+ from way out the back all the way into the inlet.

Friday night, as the crew assembled at the Esplanade Hotel, plans were made for the following day.

5Saturday dawned overcast with light drizzle, but this is after all a water sport. Everyone met at the Inverloch Angling Club where Bec from Clean Ocean Foundation gave an informative talk about the problems our oceans are experiencing with pollution and the various ways the Foundation works with authorities and the environment to strategically combat the issues.

Light onshore winds and small swell meant it was demo time! The KR Limo was emptied and all 20 boards were displayed and made available for people to try. The protection of the inlet gave paddlers the chance to try various boards in perfectly flat, calm water. Lots of questions and answers flew around as everyone analysed the various pros and cons of the particular equipment they were trying.

7One of the huge hits for the session was the I-Rig from Fanatic. It’s an inflatable windsurf rig that weighs virtually nothing and allows people to experience windsurfing with great ease. The rig was attached to the trusty Fanatic 10’6” Fly and there was literally a queue lined up to try it.

After a couple of hours off for lunch and to warm up, a few of the KR crew hit the lumpy onshore waves at the Inlet entrance for another Bop Training session. With the State Titles next week, this proved to be an excellent way to condition the legs to bumps that come from all directions.

Saturday night gets very social and the Sup Vic party house was once again the venue. The catering team did an amazing job of providing a gourmet BBQ. Following dinner, the games shed came alive with many spirited performances around the pool table as well as the darts board! Hilarious fun and surely the cause of a few dusty individuals the next morning. The bike ride and skateboard home was more fun than walking!

Next morning the dusty crew did make it to the beach for 8am and everyone hit the waves. Once again, people grabbed demo boards and where able to try them on a wave. The sun finally cracked through the morning cloud created a perfect setting to end a hugely fun and successful weekend. Formalities ended in the grassy carpark with the Sup Vic Prez giving a quick speech and then we were on our way.

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