Ocean Grove Ride Day – KR CLUB – April 16th

3aWhat an awesome weekend, The KR Club jetted off on a booked out Ride Day to Ocean Grove for a day of wind, sun and goodness.
The conditions look perfect for the west side of the bay, We did a meet and greet, carpooled and headed off to make the most of the conditions! Ocean grove is a great spot for flat water, shallow water, you can head out deeper and even get some waves if desired. If you haven’t been there yet, out it on your bucket list for a S wind as there is something for all sort of kiter.
5After a location safety briefing we established everyone’s goals and split into groups depending on level and what people wanted to work on. KRew Cesar, Thomas, Thor and Brandie gave tips for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced tricks.
A few showers passed through, we had some snags and vegie burgers and the wind hit 17+knts and some arvo sun. As with all Ride days if the wind is there, you are in for a HUGE day on the water from start to dusk.  It was great to be there with you as there was many a smile, crash, and progression by all as the day progressed and to top it off the kiters shared camaraderie and became new pals.
Full Photo Album [click HERE]
Everyone was a standout from Andy W pushing it with some unhooked backroll attempts, to Cheryl that is getting more and more comfortable around her kite. You all did great, we have missed a few of you below however:
Tom- most time on the water
Andrew Watkins- unhooked backrolls YESSSSS
Harry- more consistent riding, looking great out there
Simone- great to see you stylish with toeside carving turns and toeside riding
Atif- improving kite controlling and handling
Cheryl- more confident controlling kite and launching
Peter- looking forward to working on more stuff in AIT, we were dreaming about our trip abroad
Paul- awesome stuff with Dry Transitions
Ray-  board starts are more solid backing it up with some solid runs
Charlotte – steady runs absolutley smashed upwind and coming back to the same spot
Phil- Crisuing around as always and looking great, great to have you on the water
Parham- no broken kites this time 🙂 Really good efftort out there
Tim- looking solid
Baptise – getting a better pull from the kite and looking forward to working some more on board techniques
Nic- smashing it out there
Will – Driving over 7 hours on Saturday to catch up with the Krew
Great effort all around guys, book now for the final two ride days (or better yet grab one of the last spots for Aitutaki!)

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