Rye Ride Day – KR CLUB – April 30th

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E.P.I.C. is pretty much the best way to describe this weeks KR CLUB Ride Day.

I can guarantee everyone that made it along and got out there will have slept very well that night. We set off at 8am from St Kilda, arrived, had a safety and location briefing and then some clinics to fire everyone up and give them the best possible start to the day so everyone had something to work on.

From 10am right through until 5pm (& probably later if anyone had any energy left) it was 20+ knots and every single person on the trip made some fantastic progressions. Brandie was an absolute legend on the BBQ keeping everyone fed and watered between on water help, and Thomas and Chris couldn’t have been happier with how stoked everyone seemed out there on the water.

Some notable mentions were:

5dTom – smashing out Backrolls, BOOM!

Parham – First jumps (& they were massive) and controlled riding!

Cheryl – Jumped onto the Naish Pivot and couldn’t be stopped, great stuff Cheryl, stoked for you!

Chris – 2nd session after lessons and was ripping upwind, getting controlled stops happening and dry turning without a second thought by the end of the day. Bring on jumps!

3aShane – MASSIVE back to toe attempts, great galleys and some semi (used nicely 😉 controlled raleys!

Harry – YES!!!! upwind, check. Stopping, check (most times ;), Controlled fun, oh yes! Well done.

Charlotte – stoked with some awesome runs out the back in the waves and some solid dry turns, well done.

Anthony – total zoolander going on, great job going left mate, and some great starts to the right. It’s there!

Ray – some awesome starts (& photo evidence 😉 and a huge jump in kite control from start to finish, well done mate!

Pierre – definitely the best control and most fun exploring yet. Great job mate!

Come along and join the fun this Tuesday night at KR CLUB Social Night, get on board for the next Ride Day on May 14th, or better yet, steal one of the last spots on the Aitutaki Winter Escape.

See you out there soon!

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