Unifoil Progression Foil Set

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Unifoil Progression Foil Set


The highly successful collaboration between Unifoil Chief Designer Clifford Coetzer and Erik Antonson of The Progression Podcast has evolved and compounded knowledge from worldwide feedback of the Progression 140 and 170. Cliffy and Erik have drawn upon this deeper knowledge and developed 2 new front wings to broaden options within the amazing Unifoil Progression lineup. We are incredibly stoked to announce the Progression 125, and Progression 200.

  • Progression Front Wing (your choice of size)
  • Rear Wing (your choice of size and type)
  • Mast (750 mm, 830mm or 950mm on different types of Carbon and an Aluminium option)
  • 2-Bolt Split Fuselage Carbon Fuselage on 3 sizes
  • Titanium board mounting T-Nuts and screws (optional)
  • Titanium hardware with spares included standard 2 of every nut and bolt (optional)
  • Padded wing and mast covers
  • Padded carrying case (optional)



125 in², 806cm², Span 898mm, Cord 116mm, Aspect Ratio 10:1

With the 125 we wanted to explore the progressive attributes of the 140. We realized that the 140 is an incredible foil in up to chest, but that lighter or higher level riders would want something that could push the limits of progression.


140 in², 908 cm², Span 898mm, Cord 130mm, Aspect Ratio 8.9:1

Meet your new daily-driver. It won’t just ignite your progression: it’ll put a match under it and blow it sky high.High aspect performance for high-level pros and average joes.


170 in², 1097 cm², Span 953mm, Cord 145mm, Aspect Ratio 8.3:1

This foil is a true unicorn that has a super low stall speed with the increased glide and pumpability of a true high aspect, while still turning like a mid aspect surf wing.


200 in², 1290 cm², Span 1037mm, Cord 155mm, Aspect Ratio 8.3:

With the 200 we started with the feel and efficency of the 170, but wanted to create something for smaller energy, downwinding and light wind winging. We optimized for surf feel and glide. It’s a big foil that doesn’t feel like a big foil in turns…


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