Duotone Aero Foil Mast & Fuselage AL Quick Mount 2024

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2024 Duotone Aero Foil Mast & Fuselage AL Quick Mount

Simplify your foiling game with our Quickmount mast & fuselage set! No tools, no hassle – attach and detach your foil with a simple tool-free one-screw solution to your board and leave your base plate in your preferred position for your next session! The Aero AL “pocket” fuselages are sleek, rigid and with solid connections, available for all levels and disciplines and are forward and backwards compatible to previous Fanatic wings and new Duotone foils.


Wing / Prone / SUP / Windsurf


  • Two piece concept, Board – base plate and Mast – adapter
  • Fast and easy foil mounting
  • No tools needed to mount mast
SIZES 75cm/82cm/90cm


  • Standard foil mounting dimensions
  • Same force admission as standard aluminium plate
  • Compatible with the Duotone Aero AL (M8) Fuselages


Wing / Prone / SUP / Kite / Windsurf


  • Reduced drag, due to the smaller cross section and a trim which adds playfulness without compromising ease of use
  • Incredibly stiff and direct
  • 76 Fuselage with two different mounting options for the stabilizer to adapt it to the riders progressionSIZES66cm / 76cm / 90cm (Windsurf)


  • Weight optimized, due to smaller cross section and cut-outs at the front wing mounting area
  • Increased strength
  • Fuselages with extra large mounting area for a bulletproof connection + Compatible with all Duotone Aero AL, Aero AL QM Masts


Additional information

Mast Size

75cm, 82cm, 90cm

Fuselage Length

66cm, 76cm, 90cm