SMIK Wing Foil V2 (EPS/Wood) Wing Board

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Sizes: 4’8 x 24.5 @ 63L  /  5’0 x 25.5 @ 75L  /  5’3x 27 @ 84  /  5’6 x 28.5 @ 93L


The most popular board going around right now for value vs performance. Nice and stable when you need it before takeoff and super slick while glancing waves/bumps at speed. The balance point under the front foot is exceptional and really prevents the board from sinking or sticking while building speed for flight. An absolute must-try for anyone wanting to up their wing game!


v2 – Bottom shapes have basically evolved to be more efficient, and considerably less sticky, most noticeable when touching down whilst in flight (at speed).


Float start (a board with enough literage vs your body weight to not sink): Where there’s enough volume in the board to stand on via thickness whilst still allowing you to stand on the board whilst not moving to sort getting your wing into gear. A good idea when the wind drops, you can wait it out for the next gust, or grovel back to the beach, or when there’s patchy wind.