Armstrong Foil Stabiliser Tail Wings 30%-60% OFF

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Armstrong Foil Stabiliser Tail Wings

PUMP 202

Cutting edge pumping performance to complement the APF front foil range.


  • PUMP FOIL: All weights



Glide with effortless pumping.


  • WING: Rider weight 60kg+ (132lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced
  • PRONE/SUP SURF: Rider weight 60kg+ (132lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced
  • DOWNWIND: Rider weight 60kg+ (132lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced
  • WAKE: Rider weight 60kg+ (132lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced
  • KITE: Rider weight 60kg+ (132lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced



Highly efficient.


  • WING: Rider weight 50kg+ (110lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced
  • PRONE/SUP SURF: Rider weight 50kg+ (110lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced
  • DOWNWIND: Rider weight 50kg+ (110lbs+), Advanced
  • WAKE: Rider weight 50kg+ (110lbs+), Advanced
  • KITE: Rider weight 50kg+ (110lbs+), Intermediate/Advanced


DART 140

Lightning-fast response with top end speed.


  • WING: Rider weight 40kg+ (88lbs+), Advanced/Expert
  • PRONE/SUP SURF: Rider weight 40kg+ (88lbs+), Advanced/Expert
  • WAKE: Rider weight 40kg+ (88lbs+), Advanced/Expert
  • KITE: Rider weight 40kg+ (88lbs+), Advanced



Its fast, loose and very carve-able, so you can take the lead on any wave!


  • Ideal for: Advanced/Expert all foil sports.


FLOW 235

It’s all in the name.


  • The 235 Flow’s name says it all! It’s smooth and predictable, inspiring your confidence and flow.


SURF 205

Fast and responsive to unleash your inner shredder.


  • The 205 Surf is a highly manoeuvrable stabiliser that enables tight and critical turns in the pocket.


CF300 V2

The CF300 V2 Tail Wing is the ultimate all rounder.


  • It incorporates the perfect amount of anhedral shape in the center and dihedral at the tips for stability and  smooth pitch control at all speeds and bank angles.



The new HA195 tail Foil is sleek, elegant, and fast!


  • It’s been designed to unlock every drop of performance and handling potential from our HA front Foils.
  • Wing: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Kite: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Surf: Advanced
  • Downwind: Advanced,
  • Pump: Intermediate/Advanced.



The High Speed 232 Tail is a performance upgrade, delivering more acceleration, agility and speed.


  • Ideal for:Intermediate/Advanced/Expert all foil sports.