IKO Instructor Training Course

Start Date: October 27, 2014

End Date: October 31, 2014

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  • 141022 Cheeky North demo session 4x3

    Cheeky Wednesday Arvo North/Fanatic KITE/SUP DEMO

    Hope you can make it and join the fun… Mid week, the perfect after work session will run from just before 4pm through until dark this Wednesday, October 22nd.All the North Kiteboarding International Kites to try, plenty of Fanatic SUP Australia boards in case there’s light winds and as always… guaranteed fun!If you are coming, make sure you pack the wind… if you can’t make it, do the wind dance for us anyway.Looking forward to a great arvo at the KITE REPUBLIC School on St Kilda West Beach.

  • Manatee

    Manatee charges SUP

    That was a little unexpected… check out what happens when these cruisy SUP boarders unknowingly spooked a group of manatees into an accidental charge. Crazy the amount of speed these normally docile creatures can show!

    Luckily all ends well, possibly with a few extra heart beats in there.

  • Sophie and Anouk

    KR CLUB October Social Night

    Definitely some entertaining photos in there, must have been something in the water! (Click here or any of the pics on this page to see full album)

    Was amazing to welcome back some fantastic instructors this month. Sophie and Anouk, our resident Dutchies landed a few days back and were very warmly welcomed back at club night. It was fantastic to see KR & Naish Team Rider Ewan Jaspan making a great recovery from competition injuries and will be great to be able to follow […]

  • 909m

    909m World Record Cliff Jump on Kite

    Well they couldn’t say it enough… Don’t try this at home!

    Check out this epic World Record Setting Kite Cliff Jump from Marek Zach in Gokova, Turkey. Taking hovering to a whole new level and risking his life in the process.

    “Jumping off a cliff with a kitesurfing specific kite is not only taking extreme to a new level, but it also sounds crazy.

    Well, pro kiter and seasoned snowkiter Marek “Murphy” Zach did it. He jumped from a 909 meters cliff in Gokova, Turkey, using the […]

  • Battle of the paddle

    Battle of the Paddle World Championships 2014

    If you’re keen to check out a SUP race at some stage make sure it’s a Battle of the Paddle (BOP). This past weekend saw the Annual BOP World Championships in Salt Creek, California.

    All the big names were there battling for supremacy, however in the end it was Naish International Rider Kai Lenny who took it out ahead of Aussie Young Gun and Fanatic Team Rider Jake Jenson. It was a super close battle right until the end but Kai was too good and […]

  • aaron hadlow

    Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

    Epic conditions, oustanding gear, and some of the worlds best riders. Check out Aaron Hadlow, Craig Cunningham and Tom Court as they kite their way from the rails at Hood River to the epic backdrop of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Jealous much?

    Check out the brand new episode from North Kiteboarding! Can’t stop the pop, won’t stop the riding. For 2015 we’ve created a Vegas so good it’s addictive. Our most influential Wakestyle Team Riders took an epic road trip down the west coast […]

  • Addicted to life

    Addicted to Life – can you relate?

    Addicted to Life… I think as kiters and thrill seekers in general we can all relate to that drug or idea that we strive for in pushing ourselves forwards and continually challenging ourselves.

    Awesome to see Naish Team Rider Jesse Richman in the thick of it and getting a gig on this one.

    Can’t wait to see the full movie… will do our best to source it for a KR CLUB Event showing!

  • NKB_Neo15_CC13

    North NEO 2015 – Wave / Freeride kite

    NORTH NEO 2015
    Where there’s a wave, there’s a way! Last year the NEO was redeveloped as a pure wave-riding kite, focusing on the qualities that riders demand in waves. The kite not only impressed the riders, but also won several magazine tests in its class. This year the NEO has been completely reworked to further improve its performance. The NEO still has amazing drift capabilities, but the top end has also been improved while keeping the amazing low end. The kite has excellent sheet […]

Peter O TooleWas awesome. Big thanks to Glenn for coaching. And all the girls of course . Thanks guys:)13 hours ago

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Andrew ThomasGood on you guys Matthew Wood & Kristen Graham21 hours ago

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