Trivia Night - Club Night

Start Date: July 7, 2015

End Date: July 7, 2015

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Snowkiting 2015

Start Date: September 4, 2015

End Date: September 6, 2015

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IKO Assistant Instructor Training Course

Start Date: October 24, 2015

End Date: October 24, 2015

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IKO Instructor Training Course

Start Date: October 26, 2015

End Date: October 30, 2015

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KR Trivia Night... 3 days to go, OVER $2000 IN PRIZES!
KR Trivia Night & Charity Raffle supporting beyondblue... 3 days to go, WIN A NORTH WHIP & heaps of awesome swag! That's right, with only 11 days until the Annual KR Trivia Night our amazing sponsors have been topping up the swag and we no ...
Grom Sitting with Jesse Richman & Co.
Wow, I totally got ripped off in the babysitting stakes as a kid... check out this epic little adventure in Maui with Jesse Richman & Co. at Naish Beach. Look closely at 3:16 and see how many people are on those 2 kites as they jump the canopy ...
EOFY STOCKTAKE SALE - all Kites, Boards, Paddles ON SALE NOW
Get an awesome deal in the KR MASSIVE STOCKTAKE SALE with all Kites, Boards & Paddles ON SALE NOW… Some of these cracking deals include: KITES are 20-40% OFF KITEBOARDS are 25-50% OFF HARNESSES are 20-35% OFF Standup Paddle Board ...
Kite Crash Showdown
Check out this awesome Kite Crash Showdown in Kite Crash 6. How crazy is it to see the boards becoming missiles once attached to a leash, crazy stuff! Hope you enjoy! Kite Crash 6 from Diego sss on Vimeo. ...
Safety: Best Practices For All SUP Disciplines
Safety: Best Practices For All SUP Disciplines It's great to an article like this that can tie up some of the safety basics across all the SUP disciplines. Great job by Annie Maize for putting it together. Original Article By: Annie Maize / Foun ...
Kiting with King Robby!
While most of us are rugged up to the max, chained to our keyboards in front of the heater, Ewan, Katie & Cesar are living the high life at the 2016 Naish Dealer Meeting in Maui... and guess who they're hanging out with? That's right, the bigg ...
10 Days with Len10 - Episode 3: Ride Hard
Awesome to see another jam packed episode in 10 Days with Len 10 - Episode 3: Ride Hard. A look behind the scenes at the worlds most extreme kiteboarder as well as the Red Bull King of the Air action... and that crash that spoken about around the ...
SUP'ed with a Killer Whale? This guy did
Only in NZ, right? Probably not what this guy was expecting when he headed out for a quiet SUP the other day... A curious orca which surprised a Coromandel paddle-boarder this week wasn't necessarily nibbling on the board, a whale expert says. Lu ...

Maree PennaNice! Hi Julie, Luke & Corey!!7 hours ago

KITE REPUBLICHaha, mixup much... Lake como in Italy, posted from Basel ;)6 hours ago

Oliver AltermattNo lakes in Basel!!!!!9 hours ago

Dörte HornYeah... I was just thinking,.... It can't be Basel ;) Chris ! No lakes up there. Looks more like Biel/Bienne? Or Lac Neuchatel? ;)6 hours ago

Oliver AltermattCool Lake Silvaplana is not far from Como. Should try it out. Talk to Simon Sprecher at the kiting school. He will look after you.5 hours ago

Dörte HornLake como is the best! ❤️6 hours ago

Lucian DinuF**k yeah! This is what happens when you let Cesar go shopping? :)3 days ago

Craig BrandieThe box man. Lol.3 days ago

Henry VilaWhat about the Park HD, when is it out?3 days ago

Gabby HeyesBen J Heyes!!!!!!!!!!3 days ago

Craig BrandieIt's on face book so it is real. Your call4 days ago

Dörte HornOMG I would have shat myself !!!!4 days ago



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