Long Weekend Camp

Start Date: April 25, 2014

End Date: April 27, 2014

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Club Night

Start Date: May 6, 2014

End Date: May 6, 2014

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Ride Day

Start Date: May 17, 2014

End Date: May 17, 2014

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Trivia Night - Club Night

Start Date: June 3, 2014

End Date: June 3, 2014

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  • Kite Canopy Repair

    10 Tips on How to Give Your Kitesurfing Equipment a Double Lifespan (Before the Kitesurf Session)

    Check out this great blog we found from Gabriele Fabrizio Sbalbi. Hopefully it will help you make the most out of your gear for many more sessions!
    10 Tips on How to Give Your Kitesurfing Equipment a Double Lifespan (Before the Kitesurf Session)
    We have to keep in mind that our kitesurfing gear is very sensitive towards how we treat it. Often kitesurfers don’t pay much attention to the basic procedures of their kite gear maintenance, preventing it from staying in perfect shape for a long […]

  • Wind dance!!!

    Altona Ride Day – KR KITE CLUB – April 12th, 2014

    Thanks to everyone that made it along for this great day. A change of location due to last minute forecast changes proved to be right on the mark, with Altona turning it on for a great day on the water!

    An awesome mix of riders not only made the day heaps of fun but meant a huge progression right through the day.

    From first solid rides, dry turns, upwind riding and first jumps, we also saw solid bankrolls, raleys and more. Without a doubt my favourite […]

  • Kite Republic FREE Safety Clinic St Kilda Melbourne

    KR KITE CLUB – FREE Safety Clinic

    It was fantastic to see so many keen kiters at the Kite Republic School on St Kilda West Beach this morning that wanted to learn more about their equipment, all the bits and pieces that make it unique, and exactly how the different types of safety systems and equipment types work.

    Hopefully this will continue to improve the knowledge and understanding of kiters in general as this information is shared and each and every attendee can confidently pass this on to other kiters on the […]

  • Richard Branson does 3

    Why not? Branson does 3

    Haha, of course he did!

    Necker Island: Showman and serial entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson is at it again, working with Susi Mai to break yet another Guinness World Record. In 2012, Branson was the oldest person to kitesurf across the English Channel. In 2013, Branson led the largest number of kitesurfers ever to complete a one-mile course. Now true to form in 2014, Branson has broken yet another record. This time, for the ‘most people riding a kitesurf board’.

  • Richard Branson goes double

    Richard Branson steps it up to 2

    Richard Branson goes kiteboarding with girls on his back

    26 March 2014 | Kiteboarding

    Richard Branson has gone kitesurfing with Susi Mai and Alison DiSpaltro on his back, at Necker Island.
    The Virgin mogul likes a good controversy. In 2009, Sir Richard Branson went kiteboarding with naked model Denni Parkinson on his back, in the British Virgin Islands.

    The images spread around the world and later forced him to explain that it was an idea from photographer Stephane Gautronneau.

    Now, there are more ladies onboard. Pro surfer Susi Mai […]

  • KR KITE CLUB Phillip Island

    KR KITE CLUB Phillip Island Long Weekend Camp – March 8-10th, 2014

    As with all KR KITE CLUB Trips, it is fantastic to be able to say and truly mean “what an amazing group of people we had with us on that weekend”. Everyone bought their own amazing energy and character, and it truly was a pleasure to get away with you all!


    The weekend was an awesome mix of kiteboarding, surfing, SUPing, fire twirling, music, jetski fun/rescues, pier jumping, exploring, relaxing, table tennis, pool, pinball, jenga, kubb, hanging out and just having a great time.


    It’s always […]

  • The Crew!

    IKO Assistant Instructor Training Course – March 15th

    It was great to welcome a new group of Instructor Candidates their IKO Assistant Instructor Training Course on Saturday.

    The course was run by Kite Republic’s Chris Sal and Kyle Smith, Kyle is one of the most experienced guys out there on the beach and has been a Senior/Head Instructor with Kite Republic for a few seasons now.

    Congratulations to Sophie, Dave, Simon, Patricia, Jason and Brendon who made it through some solid training and had very tough conditions for their ride tests.

    We’re looking forward to […]

  • Huge Kite Sale

    SALE SALE SALE… & it’s Big As (bru)

    Hurry down to the SHOP and grab a bargain before your preferred sizes run out. Sale is only on items that are in stock.Please share this with anyone that you think might be interested. Looking forward to hooking you and them up





    BOOTS 35% OFF


    FINAL DAY OF SALE is Sunday, March 23rd

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Therese Hallberghow much of a grommet do you need to be cause this sounds awesome!! I'll put on my nappy harness and no one will know I'm too old! haha21 hours ago

Nevis ZorzutSounds awesome Sarah Cheeseman toms keen as8 hours ago

KITE REPUBLICHaha school age Therese Hallberg!7 hours ago

KITE REPUBLICCool Nevis Zorzut tom"s one if the first on the list :)7 hours ago

Rudy TheronCallum Johnson you have you set up boys kites at Kite republic23 hours ago

Troy EdwardsMy money is on you Chris Sal to inflict some bruising but I hope Kyle isn't leaving, I have another hour lesson with him! 😳21 hours ago

KITE REPUBLICSmart money I reckon mate ;)21 hours ago

Douglas Dicksonsick kid you liam living a dream mate good things happen to good people and your up there with the best lads I've ever met mate7 hours ago



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