Unifoil Katana Mast

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Unifoil Katana Mast

SIZES: 750mm, 830mm and 950mm



The new Katana super-stiff mast construction was inspired by traditional Japanese sword making. To forge the toughest blades, swordsmiths combined an outer layer of hard steel with a softer iron core for strength and stiffness. Similarly, Unifoil takes extremely stiff high-modulus carbon and blends it with intermediate modulus for strength. 

The result is a mast that is super-stiff but unlike many other masts on the market, remains really fast, and has a much higher breaking point than high modulus on its own. Combined with the one-piece construction and slightly thicker profile, Unifoil has created the fastest, strongest, and stiffest carbon mast on the market.


  • Stiffer feel
  • Thicker chord and profile for reduced twist and flex
  • Direct connection
  • High performance
  • Designed for High Aspect range 


New slotted holes that accept countersunk titanium hardware that makes for an even slicker fitment. Titanium wingnuts are optional for adjustments on the fly.

Better fit with taper-lock on mast to fuse connection. This holds the mast in place and doesn’t just rely on the screws to take the weight. Resulting in a more secure connection with no play.