Unifoil Hyper2 190 and 210 Foil Set Combo

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Unifoil Hyper² 190 and 210 Foil Set Combo

Purchase two wings simultaneously and enjoy cost savings.

What’s Included?

  • Hyper² 210 Front Wing
  • Hyper² 190 Front Wing
  • Race 18″ Tail Wing
  • Protective covers
  • Tool bag with Hardware
  • Carry Bag

Additionally, there are two options for Mast and Fuse, offering cost-saving choices:

Option 1:

  • 830mm Carbon V1 Mast
  • Carbon 2 Bolt Medium Fuse

Option 2:

  • 750mm Aluminium Mast
  • Medium Aluminium Fuse

These options provide flexibility in choosing between a carbon or aluminum mast, each paired with a corresponding fuse, catering to individual preferences and cost considerations.




The original high-aspect foil has been freshly upgraded and refined for the speed demands of winging.

Enthusiastic wingers appreciate the enhanced efficiency, limitless top-end speed, and tighter carving radius offered by this equipment.

Intermediate to advanced riders will find this wing particularly satisfying in navigating challenging downwinders that require speed and exceptional glide.

The Hyper2’s highlight a reduced lift profile, enabling smoother and more controlled takeoffs, while also contributing to improved top-end speed during operation.

HYPER² 190

190 in²
1226 cm²
Span 952mm
Cord 157mm
Aspect Ratio 7.4:1

HYPER² 210

210 in²
1355 cm²
Span 985mm
Cord 170mm
Aspect Ratio 7.2:1