SMIK Surf Foil V2 (PVC/Carbon) Foil Board

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SMIK Surf Foil V2 (PVC / CARBON)


Sizes: 4’4 x 20.5 @ 32L  /  4’6 x 21 @35L  /  4’8 x 21.5 @ 38L    /   5.0 x 21.5 @40L  /   5’4 x 24 @45L


When you really want to step it up, you go down. With a sinking water start. Ultra-maneuverable for when you really want to start throwing it around and boosting.


The water start is a surprisingly easy take-off to master as long as there’s plenty of power in the wing. Once there’s a certain level of mastery and you get onto the smaller boards, it’s a game-changer.


This board is also an awesome crossover prone surf foil board. Winning!


v2 – Bottom shapes have basically evolved to be more efficient, and considerably less sticky, most noticeable when touching down whilst in flight (at speed).