Smik – StoKR Surf (PVC/Carbon)

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Smik – StoKR Surf (PVC/Carbon)

Size: 4’3” x 18.5” 30L | 4’6” x 19.5” 36L | 4’8” x 21” 41L | 4’11” x 21.5” 49L

With its sleek lines and unmatched performance, this modern tier drop-designed prone board delivers exceptional benefits across the spectrum. Featuring a full, surf-inspired nose that maintains volume under the chest, effortlessly handling chip-ins on small waves to powered takeoffs on the biggest swells. The bevelled tail, paired with a double concave transitioning into a subtle single, ensures paddle speed and getting off the water is a breeze. But here’s the kicker: the streamlined, thinned outline toward the tail brings you closer to the foil, granting superior control throughout your ride. Enhanced by the subtle deck concave, you gain additional leverage over the foil precisely when you need it. Plus, chine rails minimize the impact of any touchdowns during turns. In summary, this board not only gets you onto more waves but also guarantees progression once you’re up and riding.


Single front and rear inserts on 4’3, 4’6, 4’8 (3 adjustments)
Double Y front insert and single rear on 4’11 (3 adjustments)

Deck Pad:

Included. Vertical Cord Style.


Long 35cm boxes on all models, positioned to allow maximum range of foil usage.

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