Smik – StoKR Middy 5’6” x 19.5” 59L (PVC/Carbon)

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Smik – StoKR Middy  (PVC/Carbon)

Size: 5’6 x 19.5 x 59L


Introducing the Middy: a groundbreaking board crafted with 70% Prone and 30% Wing inspiration, designed to revolutionize your wave-catching experience while doubling as an exceptional wing board and the ultimate travel companion for prone and wing enthusiasts alike. With the Middy, you’ll paddle into larger waves sooner, conquer small waves you never thought possible, and make your journey to the break effortless. Say goodbye to long paddles; it’s like riding an escalator out there. Experience more waves with less effort, and once you are up, enjoy the ultimate balanced ride for smoothing out those turns and maximizing your time on the water. Beginners will be up and riding waves sooner, while intermediate/advanced riders will wonder how they ever managed without the Middy in the quiver! For wing enthusiasts, the Middy offers a comfortable knee start and seamlessly integrates into most wing and prone quivers, enabling you to elevate your game in both disciplines effortlessly.


The other area where SMIK really stand apart. The stiffness that comes from full PVC wrap combined with carbon is unparalleled in terms of stiffness to weight ratio.  Super light for pumping up onto foil and then the stiffness when your pushing your weight down through the board. Incredible value for these exceptionally well build boards.


Double Y front insert and single rear (3 adjustments)

Deck Pad:

Included. Vertical Cord Style.

Long 35cm boxes positioned to allow balanced board and maximum range of foil usage.