SMIK Hipster Twin V2 Longboard SUP Board

$1,799.00$2,500.00 inc GST


Smik Hipster Twin V2 Longboard SUP



Sizes: 9’2 x 28” x 120L / 9’2 x 29” x 125L / 9’2 x 30” x 130L / 10’0 x 28”  x 127L / 10’0 x 29” x 135L / 10’0 x 30” x 143L / 10’0 x 32” x 153L


Feedback from all that try the V2 is beyond positive reflecting the success of the Style Lord’s new nose being incorporated into the design, a slightly pulled-out nose with bevel/chine.


All the traits from the hipster twin of speed drive and acceleration, infused into a longboard. Excellent nose riding capabilities, yet with enough rocker to avoid pearling on take-off on steeper faces. The traditional longboard length with non-traditional performance. Longboard concept in a shorter length for easier throwing around.


The Hipster Longboard is by design a very different board to the Style Lord.  Evolving from the much-loved Hipster Twin, the bottom contours and outline were stretched into the longboard variant. The single concave runs from the nose all the way through the board which feeds into a double concave towards to the tail with a slight Vee running out the tail. This produces a lot of speed and lift when you initiate a rail, with the double concave softening the single concave between the feet through chop, accelerating water flow and exhausting water out through the tail.