Kiting (is) for (all) Girls Social Info Session

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Next Kiting (is) for (all) Girls Social Info Session November 21 2023.

@ Republica St Kilda Beach



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We’re very excited to be able to work with and help foster an amazing female kiting culture here in Victoria.

This initiative being driven by some awesome and passionate local kiters aims to help motivate and continue to grow the female kiting community through shared experiences, welcoming new ladies to the community, and fostering that positive culture and awesome support that anyone already in kiting circles knows all about!

What is it?
This is an information based session where female kiters share their journey, the ups, the downs, and the learnings they’ve had throughout the experience.
Who’s it for?
Any female with the slightest interest in kiteboarding… whether you’ve started or not. FREE Drink on the night for any kiter that brings along a non-kiting friend.
How do I get involved and help?
If you’re a female kiter that is interested in helping future kite girls by sharing your experiences and learnings then please don’t hesitate to contact KR, we’d love to hear from you and make a plan.
Is it a one off or will it be regular?
We’re looking to gauge interest in this first session and if all is positive we will look at making them a regular on the schedule.