Duotone Complete Wing Foiling Package

From: $6,496.00 inc GST

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Duotone Complete Wing Foiling Package


  • Duotone Unit Wing, SS24 or SS23 at a discounted price
  • Duotone 2024 Wing Board or Fanatic Wingboards at a discounted price
  • Duotone Foil Set
  • FREE Wrist Leash
  • FREE Pump
  • FREE Waist Leash
  • FREE Board Bag

At KR, we’re not only passionate about selling gear, but we also have a deep love for the sport and a strong sense of community. For our local customers, as a special bonus with this package, you can claim a complimentary KR Free Ride Day to enhance your skills and boost your confidence out on the water. For all our customers throughout Australia, we’ll ship it to you at no extra cost. If you’d like to learn more about the KR Club, upcoming events, and exciting trips, click here.

This package is designed to provide you with setup flexibility and to deliver the most attractive deal possible. Our run-out deals and sale items frequently change, so for a personalized quote, please get in touch with us.