Armstrong MMCP900 Foil Wing

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Armstrong MMCP900 Foil


Front Wing Only


Mike Murphy is a legend in the wake world, renowned foiling pioneer,

co-inventor of the Air Chair (sit down foil) and creator of the modern T-style foil design.



Designed in close collaboration with Mike, the Mike Murphy Carbon Pro 900 is a dedicated low-lift wake foil specifically intended for roped wake riding.

Its low aspect ratio planform and flat section create a very forgiving and easy flying experience for first-time wake foilers.

The compact outline and modest sensitivity to rider input also facilitate roped freestyle tricks at speed. The MMCP900 is only available in a single size.

Constructed from 100% monolithic carbon.


AREA:  900 sq/cm
WINGSPAN: 509 mm
AR: 2.9

WAKE: Riders of all weights.

BEGINNERS: Pair with TC70 fuselage and CF300 stabiliser
INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Pair with TC50 fuselage and HS232 or HA195 stabilisers.

*Recommendations are meant only as a general guideline. Different components and conditions may influence rider experience.