SURF EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE… Your ultimate expression and freedom on the water

Wing Foiling aka Wing Ding, Wing Surf, Hand Wing and more is quickly becoming the go to option for those looking to spend more time on the water, learn and advance their foiling, those that want a fresh new challenge or those wanting to find a way to catch waaaay more waves.

Wing Foiling is proving itself to be a very easy add on to families that already have a SUP or similar board that can float their weight and allows an easy beach adventure fore everyone that can be scaled up to almost any level you wish in a variety of conditions. We hope this Wing Foiling resource helps you find some of the answers you may be chasing, and if not please don’t hesitate to contact us at the shop.

Part 1: Why Wing Foil and how is it different from other wind sports?

Part 2: Who can Wing Foil and what are the best conditions?

Part 3: What Gear do I need to Wing Foil?

Part 4: How do I get started Wing Foiling?