Sandy Point Camp Weekend – KR CLUB, Feb 20/21

Sandy Point Camp Weekend – KR CLUB, Feb 20/21
Camp Weekend
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WRECKED… After 6+ hours of straight kiting I’m fairly certain it’ll be a feeling shared by most of the lucky crew that shared Shallow Inlet with us yesterday.

What better way to spend a beautiful, warm, windy (& EPIC) weekend. 25 of us set off early Saturday morning and setup camp at Shallow Inlet before kicking straight into some skills clinics to make sure everyone had a good plan of what they would be working on when the wind decided to fire up later in the day.

4With plenty of smiles, heaps of friendly banter and a few funky wind dances the bigger kites were put to great use on Saturday arvo as we tested our luck and had a great time as the gusts came through. As Chef Nick was preparing arguably the best fish curry parcels EVER the crew kicked off with some great games around the campsite before the repair clinic kicked into gear with Chris & Thomas.

A good few laughs, drinks, sated appetites and stories from the day later and the campsite slowly quietened down as we all dreamt of wind!

1aSunday did not disappoint… just under 15 knots when we arrived at 11:30’ish slowly climbed all day as we ended at 6:30pm at around 30 knots.

Great times, huge progressions, massive wipeouts as well as steps forwards and plenty of smiles yet again.

Some of the great progressions were:

  • – Vicky & Jacqueline’s first every backrolls!!! and some great boosting to go with it.
  • – Shane’s seriously inverted bankroll action & massive boosts.
  • – Thor nailing some great dark slides and taking out the time on water award for sure!
  • – Lucy, Bev, Baptiste, Peter & Tony getting some great runs in… even controlled at times 😉
  • – Scott & Rohan nailing dry turns and starting to load that edge right up ready for jumps.
  • – Henry nailing some very controlled backrolls and getting that percentage well up!
  • – Basil almost nailing the directional jibes now and carve turns are throwing up some serious buckets.
  • – Sophie totally board ready and on the verge!
  • – Andrew… with the latest arrival of all time but making up for it with great campfire banter!
  • – John nailing some nice bankroll transitions and topside pop so close now.
  • – Pierre & Graham doing some great inlet exploring and having a blast out there!
  • – Robert looking like the control was climbing enormously and logging the k’s.

On behalf of Thomas, Nick, Brandie and I, thanks to everyone that came along for making it a bloody epic weekend in all regards. Looking forward to sharing the next great KR CLUB trip with you soon.

If you’re keen to get on board with some fun and educational events make sure you check out the KR CLUB CALENDAR.

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