San Remo Ride Day – KR CLUB – March 14th

San Remo Ride Day – KR CLUB – March 14th
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There’s nothing better than turning up to San Remo, looking out at the bay from the top of the cliff and seeing perfectly flat water, a beautiful low tide, and plenty of wind to make the most of the day. PERFECTION!

After safety briefings, some great clinic chats and plenty of friendly banter as everyone got to know each other it was all about the water time.

Great job to everyone that got out there and made the most of it, there were some awesome first solid rides, some great load and pop action, plenty of work 5on controlled turns and everyones upwind riding skills seemed to jump a heap.

Huge thanks to KR team riders Tom Z & Sofia who were awesome in sharing their knowledge and passion out there with everyone. Great job guys!

Look forward to seeing you all out there soon. For more KR CLUB events CLICK HERE.

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