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Unifoil Orbit 200

From: $1,550.00

Items on backorder available within 4 weeks after ordering. For customizations, please email us for a quote.


Unifoil Orbit 200


What’s Included

  • Orbit 200 Front Wing
  • Tail Wing – Flare 14.0 (Grip, Ease of use)
  • Fuselage – 33.5 (Standard Fuselage)
  • Padded wing covers

Complete your set by adding:

  • Mast, options from:
    • Carbon 750 (Standard, Fun turns, Great Allround)

    • Carbon 830 (High Speed, Big Waves, Great for Wing)

When adding a mast you’ll receive:

  • FREE Board mounting T-Nut and screws
  • FREE Stainless hardware with spares included standard 2 of every nut and bolt
  • FREE Padded carrying case + Tool Kit (valued at $150!)
  • Access to 20% OFF extra wing set!



This Orbit 200 was designed as a super easy to ride foil for beginner & intermediate foilers. Perfect for beginner riders that are new to foiling and intermediate riders looking to improve their carving on swells. It can be used as a prone foil for those who do not get onto the water very often as its very easy to ride and forgiving, or can be used by the heavier rider looking for added lift. It is also being used as a SUP foil.

This 200 is stable and has great maneuverability due to the down sweep of the front wing. Advanced riders we recommend our Vortex model for more hi-performance foiling in the surf.


This is a good option for kite with light winds, wind wing and wake.

You can unlock the tail with a chopped (smaller) 12¨ tail wing option, adding to the speed and free flow riding style. For a softer, less locked in ride choose the down-sweep tail “the Carve 16” which also makes pumping easier. The rudder tail “Flareseries” 12 or 14 is the recommended tail wing for beginners or kiters.



  • Wing Area: 1290cm2 (200 square inch)
  • Wing Span: 725 mm
  • Wing cord 22mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 3.26:1


Tech Specs

  • 1 Year Warranty on all parts
  • Gold standard pre-preg carbon construction on all wings, mast, and tails
  • Modular design. All Unifoil parts fit together. Change wings and masts easily for different conditions
  • 100% High Modulus carbon wings
  • Stainless or titanium screws

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