Unifoil Foil Spare Parts

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Unifoil Foil Spare Parts


Find below a list of the spare parts available to order:



Front Wing Covers A$40.00
Fuse Covers A$20.00
Tail Wing Covers A$30.00
Mast Cover A$60.00
Travel Cover A$120.00
Foil Tool Kit – Tool Bag, Ratchet A$40.00
SHIM SET – ABS A$20.00
SHIM SET Titanium A$170.00
Full Titanium Bolt Pack A$130.00
Wing Bolts x4 (inc t-bolts) -ttm A$110.00
Mast Bolts x4 (inc t-bolts) -ttm A$40.00
Ratchet A$30.00
Sticker Pack A$10.00
Cap A$40.00


Please give us a call to check availability and delivery time.