Surf Ears Earplugs Junior

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Surf Ears – Earplugs Junior

Your Search For The Perfect Earplugs Is Over.



JUNIOR, earplugs developed for children, keeping their ears safe while they are able to hear, speak and enjoy their time in the water. Suitable for surfing, kitesurfing, kiteboaridng, wake boarding, swimming, white water kayaking, diving, and other water activities.


Suitable for most children age 4-12.
With ear sizes varying from child to child, the suggested age range should be used as guide, but it isn’t an exact science. If you’re uncertain about which size to choose for your child, you can try to measure the opening of the ear canal which should be 6-10 mm (0.24-0.4 inches).







Smaller size, All the benefits

Lets Sound In = JUNIOR allows your child to hear and communicate freely while having a more relaxed and joyful time in the water. Whether parent or swim coach. you’ll quickly learn to appreciate these benefits too.

Keeps Water Out = Keeps your child’s ears protected from cold or contaminated water, debris and bacteria. Helps prevent common ear problems like ear inflammation, surfer’s ear and swimmer’s ear by reducing contact with water.

Secure Fit = Equipped with a safety cord, JUNIOR ear plugs are securely attached to one another and can easily be attached to your wetsuit, swim goggles, rash guard or worn as a necklace. No more lost plugs.

Great Comfort = Made from soft, skin safe silicone, JUNIOR ear plugs are so comfortable that you’ll quickly forget you’re even wearing them.










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