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Smik Surf Foil Board (PVC Carbon)



Smik Surf Foil Board (PVC Carbon)

Sizes: 4’8″ x 22.5″ | 5’0″ x 22″ | 5’4″ x 22″

Low volume to sink the board with a submerged water start and a fair amount of power in the wing. Advanced level of usage.

Ultra-maneuverable for when you really want to boost and start throwing it around with enhanced maneuverability.

The water start is a surprisingly easy take-off to master as long as there’s plenty of power in the wing. Once there’s a certain level of mastery and you get onto the smaller boards, it’s a game-changer.

When you really want maneuverability with your foiling by coming down in size, as well as starting your foray into jumping. These will be the boards.


  • The rocker needs to be the right blend of flatness to initiate speed to catch the wave whilst having enough nose flip to stop pearling as you need to keep the nose of the board down attached to the wave before you get to your feet and start foiling.
  • Rails are chined to avoiding bogging when the hull may come down in contact with the water’s surface.
  • The bottom shape is concaved in the nose for lift transitioning to a flat section where the foil attaches.
  • Deck shape is slightly concave at the front foot with a double concave underfoot supporting the arch of the foot providing front foot steering control whilst flying







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