SMIK E-Sea Rider SUP Package

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The e-Sea Riders are fun, entry-level boards that are easy to carry, easy to paddle and provide the confidence to venture out into your first waves.



Smik E-Sea Rider SUP Package



    • Board: 9’1″ x 31″ x 144L | 9’7″ x 32″ x 156L | 10’4″ x 32″ x 168L
    • Fins
    • Half-price paddle Paddle
    • FREE Leash
    • FREE Rail tape
    • Option to add a Board Bag for only $150


The e-Sea Riders are fun, colourful, entry-level boards that are easy to carry, easy to paddle and provide the confidence to venture out into your first waves.




They’re very stable with ample volume and width. The rocker is a perfect blend of glide for flat-water paddling and smooth, effortless turns when surfing your first waves.

As you progress, you start to notice and appreciate the built-in performance attributes such as the double concave bottom, thruster fin set-up and tail kick pad.

The e-Sea Riders are actually more than competent longboards, which more advanced riders will also enjoy.

So the astute hubby will be able to buy his wife a board that’s “totally for you, honey” but then take it to the beach and have a cranking surf on it as well.




SMIK’s entry-level boards come in three sizes and two colour combinations:

9’1″ x 31″: Reduced width and rail volume for easier handling. Max 85 kg.

9’7″ x 32″: Shorter length for all-round efficiency. Max 95 kg.

10’4″ x 32″: Longer length for better glide. Up to 110 kg riders.


Constructed using compression moulding, they are accurate, durable shapes that use the Full Wood Glass Performance technology:

Full Wood deck with additional wood reinforcement in the standing area

PVC reinforced fin boxes and leash plug

Nose, tail and rails reinforced with extra layers of glass for durability

Durable paint resilient to chipping



2021 Fanatic Bamboo Carbon 50 Adjustable Paddle
SIZE: 7.25″



Style and performance are combined in the Bamboo Carbon 50. A 50% Carbon core covered in precious Bamboo finish leaves a great visual impact for this entry performance paddle. Benefiting from the Union Joint system, this is an outstanding construction for those starting to gain skill on a SUP. The twist and flex in the blade are superbly controlled through its’ design and is available with a 7.25” blade with fixed or adjustable shaft and in our handy adjustable 3-piece version.