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SIC Pro Winger Package Deal


Deal of the week! All you need to step up your wing foiling experience!


SIC Pro Winger Package Deal!


ENHANCE YOUR WING FOILING SKILS – Your ultimate expression and freedom on the water!  Surf Everything and Everywhere.


What’s included? – Click on the links below to find out more bout each item


Wing Foiling aka Wing Ding, Wing Surf, Hand Wing, and more is quickly becoming the go-to option for those looking to spend more time on the water, learn and advance their foiling, those that want a fresh new challenge, or those wanting to find a way to catch waaaay more waves.


This Starter Wing Package deal will include all the essentials required for you to maximize your time out in the water!


Wing Foiling is proving itself to be a very easy add-on to families that already have a SUP or similar board that can float their weight and allows an easy beach adventure for everyone that can be scaled up to almost any level you wish in a variety of conditions.


Feel free to contact KR on 0395370644 or if you have any questions about this package! We are happy to help!