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Private SUP Lesson



Private SUP Lesson in St Kilda

Take your SUP adventure to the next level with our experienced SUP team here at the KR SUP Centre. 

Private lessons are perfect for people who require more focused attention from their instructor. Whether you want to improve the skills you already have, increase your ability to cope in a wider number of environmental conditions, or fancy stepping away from a big group, private coaching will help you at whatever level of experience you have. Whatever your reason for private tuition, KR has experienced instructors that will help take your paddle boarding to the next level.


The Lesson will consist of 30 minutes of Instructing and 60 minutes of FREE paddle

Common questions

  • Will i fall in? – Maybe, maybe not, that is entirely up to you and your balance!
  • Do I have to be able to swim? – Yes, we expect you to be able to swim, you are responsible for your own safety when you rent a board.
  • What should i bring? – Bring your bathing suit or your wetty if it’s chilly! We provide wetsuits free of charge is you don’t have your own! Since you will be exposed to the sun we suggest that you bring a cap and put on sunscreen. We appreciate if you bring your own life vest for young kids who cannot swim!
  • Where do i put my valuables? – We can store your bag for you in our shop or at our beach locker.
  • How do i keep track of time? – Bring a waterproof watch or a waterproof bag for your phone, that way you can also take pictures! Since you will never be far from the beach you can also ask people on land.
  • Where can i shower afterwards? – There are beach showers close by where you can rinse of the salty water. We also have st kilda sea baths right next door where you can pay you way in for a hot shower and a locker.


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