Preloved Unifoil Vortex 175 Complete Foil Set

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Preloved Unifoil Vortex 175 Complete Foil Set

What’s Included?

  • Vortex 175 Front Wing
  • Carve 16″ Tail Wing
  • 830mm Carbon V1 Mast
  • 2x Carbon Single Bolt Fuses (1xM & 1xShort)
  • Protective covers
  • Tool Kit
  • Carry Bag (Fanatic)

This Preloved Foil promises exceptional performance at an incredible value, ideal for those seeking an exhilarating experience. It showcases minor surface scratches and slight scuffing along the leading edge, catering to anyone eager to elevate their enjoyment of wave riding!

Surpassing the 150 models in size, the Vortex 175 boasts a larger surface area, offering increased stability while maintaining the agility characteristic of a shortboard. It’s meticulously designed for a harmonious fusion of speed, maneuverability, and lift, without compromising on safety against breach.

The Foil Set includes 2 Fuses and various shims, allowing you to experiment with setups to find what best suits your preferences.

With its double-bottom concave design on the wing, this foil delivers impressive speed, stability, and a reassuring feel. It’s embraced by professional foil enthusiasts and our top team riders who thrive on high-performance foiling to expertly navigate and ride the waves.

The Vortex 175 excels in tow foiling, boasting heightened speed and a thinner leading edge, ensuring a secure grip and minimizing the risk of foil breach, especially at high speeds.

Square inch 175
Square cm 1130
Span/Chord mm 670/217
Aspect ratio 3.08:1
Rider Prone up too 100kg
Rider SUP up too 100kg