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Ozone Connect Snowkite Backcountry V2 Harness


This comfortable waist harness with leg straps is ideal for experienced backcountry snowkiters venturing deep into mountains!

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Ozone Connect SnowKite Backcountry V2 Harness

One Size Fits All



  • Waist harness with leg straps – ideal for all snow and land kiters
  • Strong yet lightweight construction for backcountry touring
  • Heavy-duty webbing loop connection for the Quick Release
  • Ergonomic shaping and enhanced load distribution
  • Fully adjustable – one size fits all


The connect Backcountry V2 Harness has been designed for comfort and support, while remaining clean, simple, and lightweight. The second version has modifications to improve overall strength and load distribution. The Connect Backcountry V2 has been designed similar to a rock climbing harness so that it will not ride up.Webbing Loop connection for Quick Release – Heavy duty webbing loop to connect the Quick Release, reducing size and weight of the harness. Three-step connection – open Quick Release, feed loop through webbing, reload Quick Release.Ergonomic shaping – Increased support through wider and improved ergonomic shaped paneling. The load is distributed evenly over a larger area. 

Strong internal structure – Plastic layers along the back section with full-length webbing support for ideal load distribution and extra strength.


Leg support straps – Color-coded, lightweight, and comfortable leg straps with neoprene lining for a strong grip/hold on winter clothing. The leg straps are connected at an ergonomic angle distributing vertical loads between the attachment point and leg padding.


Comfort grip fit – Extra padded areas for increased comfort and neoprene lining for a strong grip/hold on winter clothing. It also protects better against the cold.


Lightweight construction – Strong yet lightweight construction for backcountry touring – weighs only 700grams!


Technical backpack connection – Female buckles on each side connect directly with our Snowkite technical backpacks. Simply unclip the waist strap from the backpack, remove it and click the bag straps into the harness.


Kite leash attachment – Easy to access front kite leash attachment.


Webbing loop attachments – Attach a grab handle or ropes for pulling sleds to the webbing loops on each side of the harness.


One size fits all – Fully adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes, both under or over clothing and outer winter layers.