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North Kiteboarding Academy


Enjoy this great instructional app from North Kiteboarding.

North Kiteboarding Academy

We proudly introduce the North Kiteboarding Academy.

Over the last season we have been busy shooting – together with Jeremie Tronet – a series of videos at the JT Pro Center on the beautiful Union Island, creating our latest and ambitious project: The North Kiteboarding Academy. The North Kiteboarding Academy features video tutorials and how to’s for all levels, broken down into several categories: from Beginner to Hooked, Unhooked, Foil Riding and Surfing. The North Kiteboarding Academy offers FREE instructional videos on the North Kiteboarding Youtube Channel, the North Kiteboarding website and on the North Kiteboarding App for both Iphone and Android Phones with the possibility to download these videos for offline viewing. Go and download the North Kiteboarding app on the App store or Google Play store to be the first to get the videos and benefit from the offline viewing option, super convenient when on the beach or travelling.

Check out the teaser below… Video’s are being released fortnightly, however the North Kiteboarding Academy is Live Now and well worth a look!

Google Play Store:…
App Store:…/…/north-kiteboarding/id914918034…

Good luck!