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Naish S27 Jet HA Foil Semi-Complete


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Naish S27 Jet HA Foil Semi-Complete

Foil Surfing/Downwind Foiling/Wing-Surfing

SIZES: JET HA 1040, 1240, 1400, 1800 & 2140



What wing size should I choose?

  • 1040 HA/220 HA – advanced high wind wing & kite/prone crossover
  • 1240 HA/280 HA – stronger wind wing & kite/prone crossover
  • 1400 HA/280 HA – performance and fun for intermediate/advanced foiler
  • 1800 HA/310 HA – <70kg learning and fun performance option
  • 2140 HA/310 HA – Ease of learning and super early takeoff


What Mast and fuselage should I choose?

  • All Complete Packages include 75cm mast – if you’d like an 85cm Contact us!

• Mast C35 75cm – Perfect for shallower locations, learning and lively riding.
• Mast C35 85cm – Handles bumps and speed with more room for error.


Designed for advanced and semi-advanced foilers looking to push their performance levels in surf, SUP, Wing-surfer, and downwind foiling. New for this season is the 1040 and 2140, further expanding the HA range. These wings feature high aspect ratio planforms and proprietary thin section profiles — the result is maximum glide, excellent pumping, and improved top speed while still maintaining the excellent turning and control that defines the Jet range. To complement the high-end performance of these new wings the complete foils feature a new high aspect stabilizer as well that emphasizes pumping ability and glide. Designed with a thinner profile and higher aspect ratio, they support the higher speed of the HA front wings while giving excellent response to rider input.

The 1040 is fast, nimble and great for high speed foiling. Lighter riders will love the feel of this foil when wing foiling or surfing.

The 2140 pushes the envelope of flatwater pumping. This foil excels at low speeds or when wing foiling in light winds.



  • Naish Aluminum Masts are Available as Direct Connect as well as Deep Tuttle and Abracadabra Connection Systems
  • Lightweight, Foam Filled Aircraft Grade, Triple Stringer Extruded Aluminum Mast with Bonded and Screwed Connections
  • 100% Pre-preg 3K High Gloss Carbon Fiber Front Wing and Stabilizer
  • CNC Precision Cut Lightweight Aluminum Fuselage with Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel M6 Helicoils for the Front Wing and Stabilizer Connection
  • Stainless Steel M6 Torx T30 Hardware for all Screwed Connections



Jet HA 1040 is ideal for riders up to 190 lbs

Jet HA 1240 is ideal for riders up to 200 lbs

Jet 1400 is ideal for riders up to 220 lbs

Jet 1800 is ideal for riders up to 240 lbs

Jet HA 2140 is ideal for riders up to 260 lbs


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