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KR Audio Headset Coaching


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KR Audio Headset Coaching


(2hr Private Lesson)

Take your skills to the next level with KR’s Audio Headset Coaching!


  • Private 2hr one-on-one lesson using Bb Talkin Bluetooth Headsets. Get real time audio feedback between you and your instructor via a waterproof Bluetooth action sports intercom service.
  • Being in a windy environment thats often hard to hear, this is the perfect way to communicate with your instructor from a safe distance to try new skills and tricks, whilst getting real time handsfree instructions and feedback.
  • Suited right from beginner through to advanced, for all styles. We have IKO qualified instructors ready to teach you anything from basic skils, right up to the latest advanced tricks, and everything in between.
  • All equipment Provided
  • 100% IKO qualified Instructors
  • Newest and best quality kiteboarding gear
  • Most experienced kiteboarding KRew

Kite Republic & the KR CLUB specialise in not only giving you the highest quality lessons available, but through the KR CLUB we take it to the next level and support you through your entire journey.