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KeNalu Konihi xTuf shaft Adjustable Paddle

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KeNalu Konihi xTuf shaft Adjustable Paddle


The Konihi was designed with racing in mind. It utilizes “winglets” taken from aviation technology to make the blade work more efficiently and help avoid problems like blade flutter/wobble.

Just like an aircraft wing a paddle creates high and low pressures when moving through the water; and just like a wing when these pressures converge they create vortices which lead to inefficiency as well as other problems. The winglets help divert these vortices out and away from the back of the blade giving you a more efficient stroke, improved blade stability and increased drive.

All of this combined leads to a better paddling experience, leaving you less fatigued. If you’re a serious racer or want the best performance available, this is the blade choice for you.

Lightweight carbon fibre construction over high density PVC foam core.

xTuf Shafts
xTuf shafts are constructed using uni-directional carbon fibre wound on a bias to provide flex control, torsional strength, and vibration damping.

  • The xTuf(S) shaft (70 KFI) provides more flex than the Elite shafts between the upper and lower hands and some flex below the lower hand. The construction of the xTuf(S) shaft provides quite a different flex response to the Elite shafts. This shaft will load up at the catch as it flexes and provides twang toward the end of the stroke that can help propel you into a wave or swell while downwinding. The full length xTuf(S) shaft is approximately 40 grams heavier than the Elite 100 flex shaft and approximately 10 grams lighter than the Elite 90 flex.
  • The xTuf shaft (60KFI) is very similar to the xTuf(S) but provides slightly more flex throughout its length. The xTuf shaft is ideal for a surf paddle or for paddlers with shoulder problems/injuries. The full length xTuf shaft is approximately 20 grams heavier than the xTuf(S) shaft.

All shafts are designed to be trimmed to length from the top end. The bottom end contains additional reinforcement for a strong blade/shaft connection.
Note that as shaft length shortens, to achieve your required overall paddle length, some of the available flex is reduced from the shaft. Refer to our shaft selection table for assistance with selecting your ideal shaft.


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