IKO KITE Instructor Training Course

$1,199.00 inc GST

Does not include US$299 IKO Registration Fee to be paid direct online – See Notes.

The ultimate Instructor Course to get you ready for an awesome job on the beach and consolidate teaching skills that will improve any area of teaching you move towards in the future. A must do!

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IKO Kite Instructor Training Course

Whether you want to open up doorways to travel, IKO Kite Centre Logolearn more about our fantastic sport, or just tag another qualification onto the resume and pick up some instructing work… the IKO Instructor Training Course is for you. Plenty of fun mixed in with a heck of a lot of information to digest, lots of new skills to master, and a great career option there for you at the end.


If you are keen to work with KR this season we are happy to make a plan with pricing to get you out there. Get in touch email to shop@kiterepublic.com.au


The details…

WHEN: As per “Dates” selection above. Roughly 8:30 to 5:30 each day.


WHERE: Kite Republic, St Kilda. 2 minutes from Public Transport and a 10-minute tram (correct, the same as 9 rhinoceroses) ride from Melbourne CBD.


COST: As per above.

Part 1 – IKO Registration, US$299 paid directly via IKO website (we’ll send you the course link)

Part 2 – Centre Fee to be paid via this page or by calling the KR Shop as per below to confirm your booking. Early Bird Savings may apply at times and currently we are taking a hit to help with the currency exchange.

(Bonuses available for those wishing to work with KR, happy to discuss)


MORE INFO: Contact the shop on (03) 9537 0644, or email shop@kiterepublic.com.au

Extra bits…

Accommodation: We would recommend you look Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.24.30 pmat Base Backpackers  or one of the many others in St Kilda. Nice and clean, well managed, and a great group of people! Best of all it’s only about 5 minutes walk from where the course will be running.


First Aid Providers: Please check out CPRFirstAid, Red Cross, St Johns, or one of the many other providers out there.


Boat License: IKO  no longer requires instructors to hold a boat license. All instructors will be trained in boat rescue during their course, however they will only be required to talk a driver through this process. If you are working at a centre that requires teaching from a boat then this will be a requirement for working at that centre. To get your boat license in Victoria you need to book in with VIC roads, study the manual, and then it’s a multiple choice test. Most states have different procedures and requirements, you’ll have to check in with your marine department.


And check out some more information on the course as well as the prerequisites below:

Becoming a Kiteboarding Instructor

About passion

Because you are addicted kiteboarders and want to share your passion and knowledge with others, IKO offers you the possibility to be trained as a pro instructor and make your passion your job.


A solid training program

IKO offers a reliable and professional training program. Instructors become IKO certified by attending the 5 days Instructor Training Course (ITC). The training program corresponds precisely to kiteboarding teaching methods. The certification is recognized as the international standard in teaching.

At the end of the training, you will have developed abilities in the following major areas: safety, practical environment, analysis, technique, teaching psychology and live situation.

After attending an ITC, you will be qualified as IKO Instructor Level 1 and will be able to continue your pro training to become a Level 2, or stay active by participating in Online Education.

  1. – Be at least 18 years old,
  2. – Be a certified IKO Assistant or equivalent level with the ability to: jump and grab, ride toe side, ride upwind, recover the board in deep water, complete a rider recovery while body dragging, make a self-rescue in deep water, self-launch and self-land, which are all evaluated during the ITC. To make sure your riding skills can be evaluated during the ITC, you can bring a video of you demonstrating the requested skills. This is in case there is not enough wind during the course to perform the riding test.
  3. – Have a valid IKO Assistant Certification,
  4. – Have a valid first aid and CPR (Let us know if you can’t get prior).
  5. – Be able to read, write and speak fluently the language the course is given,
  6. – Sign the ITC candidate waiver and participation form.

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