Fanatic Aero High Aspect Foil (Wing Set Only)

$839.00 inc GST


Fanatic Aero High Aspect Foil (Wing Set Only)

Prone / SUP / Wing



What wing size should I choose?

  • 1250HA – intermediate/advanced rider after ultimate speed and performance
  • 1500HA – strong watersports background and after more speed
  • 1750HA – learning <70kg and looking for more speed
  • 2000HA – learning at all level and light wind riding


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Efficiency and glide is what our range of high aspect foils stands for. Developed specifically for Wing Foiling, these wings will take your foiling experience to the next level. Our new highly refined AL 3.0 masts and fuselages are incredibly stiff and direct, almost 20% lighter compared to our previous models and come with an optimized drag behavior and a new trim which adds playfulness without compromising ease of use.

Our range of Aero High Aspect Foils is the go-to range for Wingfoiling. Glide, speed, pop and ease of use made these wings so popular and covers everything from lighter riders and higher winds.