Deep Ocean Boards Velocity 14’0 SUP


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DeepĀ Ocean Boards Velocity 14’0 SUP

SIZES 14′ x 23′ @ 280 litres | 14′ x 25′ @ 310 litres | 14′ x 27′ @ 325 litres

The Velocity has been the collaboration of ideas and concepts for the demand for dugouts in the current race board market. The outline, rocker, and bottom shape are all designed to flow and kept very simple. From the nose entry to the tail exit, the rail keeps very smooth clean lines. The combination of Even Flow Rails, Concave, and Low Sunken Deck give this board incredible stability whilst maintaining the glide. We’ve worked hard with our team to develop just the right amount of nose volume to ‘POP’ in and out of troughs making your work easier to handle. Combine that with lightweight carbon material to produce a lightweight yet strong combination.