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Core Ripper 4 Surfboard


Pure glass, pure passion. Universal series performance surfboard.
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Core Ripper 4 Surfboard

SIZES: 5’4″ | 5’8″ | 5’11”


The original is back with a radical new look and an even wider range. The fourth gen Ripper features a completely new outline and improved rocker that’s incredibly easy to ride. The user-friendly shape will have you high-five-ing and hang-ten-ing ankle biters to head highs. Ripper. New shape. But with the same classic flex, a polyurethane and glass board is known for.






The Ripper features a wider, fish-inspired, profile and new mini swallow tail. The additional width and volume focused around your feet make it easier than ever to ride under-powered or sloppy waves. We reduced fin toe-in by 4mm to give it more drive and added a mini swallow tail for a little extra bite in the corners. Imagine the fun you’ll have in sloppy waves. Yesss, fun! Give it a try. You’ll see. Just remember to demo the smaller sizes too. You may find your perfect Ripper is one size smaller now.








EZ Shortboard Outline: improves drive, stability, and wave riding on bigger kites or smaller waves.

Progressive Rocker: Increases speed in the flats while improving carves when engaging the tail.

Mini Swallow Tail: Increased surface area adds lift, speed, and grip in the corners.

Active Foam Core: Enjoy worry-free surfing even after dinging your board.

Classic Glass Coat: The multi-layer fiberglass and resin process delivers precisely tuned rails and a classic surf feel.

Double Stringer: Manages longitudinal flex and give the Ripper its signature feel

Tucked Under Rails: Releases water better yet maintains the classic smooth and forgiving ride you’d expect from a glass board

Single Concave: Adds lift and improves grip in turns.

Strap Ready: The deck is fitted with V4A inserts.

Blunt Nose: It’s safer, more durable, and just plain cool.

Thruster Fin Set up: Reduced toe-in by 4mm to improve drive and speed.

Original FCS II Fin System: FCS II is the keyless fin system that enables 2-second fin changes without tools.



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